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Structured methodology to evaluate the skill and quality of management

Our Purpose

We serve the needs of professional money managers and other fiduciaries who need expert diligence and analysis on CEOs and senior executives that run public firms. We use a structured methodology to evaluate the relative quality and skill of managers, helping equity and debt investors to determine the relative risk and operating ability associated with those executives.

We work solely for our clients and have no brokerage, investment banking, or corporate finance conflicts.

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Our services are provided on an annual retainer basis and our clients number among the largest and most successful professional investors in the world. Clients can utilize our expertise for special diligence projects, data analysis and comparative studies of senior managers across industry and geographic regions.


Our management profiles are renowned for their concise coverage of the key facts and figures investors need to know.

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Our Management Quality Ranking system is statistically significant in forecasting relative total returns and subsequent operating results across the Russell 3000 population of investable companies.

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Structured Methods

Management CV is a pioneer in applying statistical science to evaluating the skill and quality of management. Our methodology blends the historical facts of an executive’s track record with a qualitative assessment of forward-looking variables of interest to investors and lenders. Our Analysts work from structured due diligence templates to insure that they cover key issues of track records, compensation, and fiduciary risks consistently and reliably.

Fiduciaries in the investment, lending, and insurance markets can rely upon Management CV’s system to insure that they are properly, and factually, aware of the background and incentive alignments of the management teams in their portfolios. Our team lets you leverage your time efficiently and focus on what you need to know about facts that correlate to performance.

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